How do I get started with Microsoft Azure?

One of the most common questions I come across is, “how do i get started with Microsoft Azure?” and this question is one of the reasons why was born. You may be thinking, “how will this website help”? Let’s find out.

There are millions of resources and support available to get you started on your Azure journey including a large number of Azure Blogs, Azure Training Videos and a great community willing to help. That’s great, but where does one start? How do you get in contact with this great Azure community who are willing to help? How did those Azure experts start their journey? The answer is to interview the experts directly. Why? Because the experts have already been through that journey in their own ways. The people we approached for an interview were selected because of their passion for Microsoft Azure and their willingness to advise and support others. I believe a great way to start your journey with Azure is to find out how others started their journey, the challenges they faced and to allow you to keep in contact with those experts via their social media platforms. Therefore, we have not only documented the interview but also details on where to find these experts.

AzureCrazy interviews
If you have not already read the interviews from Azure experts, MVP’s and Microsoft employees on this website, please take the time to go through the interviews. You’ll find information on how the experts started with Azure and what they recommend for you to start your Azure journey, including, how to become Azure certified, how to become an MVP (Microsoft Valued Professional), how to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer, what its like working for Microsoft and more. The interviews are short but straight to the point. We continue to interview and grow in this area so please do subscribe and we’ll notify you as new posts are published. Click the following link to get started with reading the Interviews

Azure Free Trial

You will be pleased to know that Microsoft offer a free Azure trial which I highly recommend. It’s a great way to put your research and training into practice and familiarise yourself with the Microsoft Azure Portal. Click the link below for more information and to sign up for a trial account today.

Azure Free Trial Account

All the best on your Microsoft Azure Journey, and if you require further information please do get in touch.

Please note, we are not affiliated to Microsoft or the individuals who were interviewed. This website was setup to support and help grow the Azure community. If you want to get involved, please contact us.

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