AzureCrazy.com was formed after a light bulb moment by its founder Imran Rashid. Imran himself is a Microsoft Azure fan and set off on this venture to bring together Azure fans/experts to allow for sharing of knowledge, supporting and helping grow the Azure community.

Imran Rashid, from the UK, is a Azure Certified Architect who has always had a passion for tech. He is currently employed as a Solution Architect for a leading Managed Services IT Provider located in the UK.

Imran is a BIG believer in sharing knowledge, whether that’s sharing knowledge face to face, documentation or online. That passion for sharing knowledge led him to start blogging in the year 2008. His first blog was online-it-support.co.uk and later redirected to cloudbuild.co.uk

Imran believes that documenting fixes is a great way to retain a database of fixes for future use and the opportunity to share that knowledge with others from around the World.

AzureCrazy.com was formed to allow beginners to enter the world of Azure via the users of Azure. These users were selected and approached for an interview because of their passion for Azure and willingness to support the Azure community. The interviews are short but straight to the point with the aim of allowing our visitors to quickly gain access to the experiences and knowledge of Azure users. We truly have a great Azure Community and we would love to welcome you on board.

Imran can be contacted via the contact us page on this website or via his Twitter handles @ITSupportBlog or @AzureCrazy

Get started by visiting; Getting started with Microsoft Azure

Please note, we are not affiliated to Microsoft. This website was setup to support and help grow the Azure community. If you want to get involved, please contact us.

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